Tales of a 3.9 litre Tdi Bushie Ute

Bushie Axles

Bushie Ute has front and rear axle assemblies from a Toyota HZJ105R Landcruiser. Because front Landcruiser 105 series differentials are notorious for breaking ring gear teeth, it was replaced with a H233B differential assembly from a Nissan Y61 Patrol front axle. Both axle housings were strengthened and the differentials fitted with ARB air lockers.

To accept the Toyota HZJ105 front half shafts the H233B air locker was modified with 30 spline side gears for a Toyota 80 series rear air locker.

The reduction ratio in the rear axle was changed from 4.3:1 (43 x 10 teeth) to 4.1:1 (41 x 10 teeth) to be compatible with the 4.111:1 (37 x 9 teeth) ratio in the H233B differential. Sometime in the near future the reduction ratio in both differentials will be changed to 4.875:1 to make better use of the ratios in the Isuzu six speed gearbox.

The suspension control arms for the front axle are heavy duty Nissan Y61 replacements, the drag link and tie rod are heavy duty Toyota HZJ105R replacements, the panhard rod is a heavy duty Toyota VDJ79 replacement, and power steering box is stock Toyota 105.

Lower suspension control arms for the rear axle are heavy duty Nissan Y61 replacements, while the original Land Rover 120 upper control arms have been retained.

The brakes have new replacement parts for what was originally fitted to the Toyota HZJ105R, but the front brake calipers are for the non-ABS Landcruiser, because they have larger diameter pistons.

Compared to the donor Land Rover 120 axles, these axles have stronger half shafts, constant velocity joints, final drive gears and differentials. The brakes are better, the turning circle is better, and the increased track width improves stability. The following table compares some important details for the donor Land Rover 120, the axle donor Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105R, and Nissan Y61 Patrol coil sprung ute:


The following PDF format files provide specifications for the Toyota HZJ105R Landcruiser, Nissan Y61 wagon and cab chassis vehicles:

105 series Toyota Landcruiser