Tales of a 3.9 litre Tdi Bushie Ute

Bushie Engine

Bushie Ute’s heart is a 1989 year model, four cylinder, 3.9 litre, Isuzu 4BD1T diesel engine from an Isuzu NPR truck.

The donor Land Rover 120 ute came without the Isuzu 4BD1 engine and Land Rover gearbox, which the previous owner had transferred to his Range Rover. A replacement Isuzu 4BD1T engine and MXA6-R gearbox was purchased from a Sydney truck wrecker.

Before the replacement engine was installed in Bushie Ute the rotating parts were balanced, new valve springs and head studs fitted, and the fuel injection pump and injectors were serviced. A new alternator and starter motor were fitted.

The turbocharger needed an overhaul, but because it was an old design and best suited for the 7000 kg GVM truck application, running near maximum power and speed all day, it was replaced with a new turbocharger that provides better drive-ability, particularly at lower engine speeds.

Note: the following drawings and performance chart are for the 1989 Isuzu 4BD1TRBG diesel engine, that JRA (Jaguar Rover Australia) installed in some Australian assembled Land Rovers. The flywheel housing was made specifically for JRA to suit Land Rover gearboxes. Apart from the flywheel housing, these match the 4BD1T fitted to the same year model Isuzu NPR sold in Australia. Isuzu 4BD1 or 4BD1T engines were the only diesel engine option available for Land Rover models 110 and 120 in Australia before 1990.



PDF Documents for Isuzu 4BD1T
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4BD1-TRBG Part 1 Technical Description
4BD1-TRBG Part 2 Light Repair
4BD1-TRBG Part 3 Medium Repair
4BD1-TRBG Part 4 Heavy Repair

4BD1-TRBG Faxes

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